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Why Should you register with Filezigzag

Filezigzag is a free online file converter that allows users to convert their files without installing any software. Nevertheless, we provide extra advantages of having an account with us. Register Now and you will be able to use one of the following features:

1- Larger File Size.

Filezigzag will increase your file size up to 180 MB! Having an extra file size can be helpful when converting larger files such as movies, videos or even audios.

2- Higher Priority.

As a registered user, you will gain more priority over unregistered users.

3- API

Having an API access will allow developers integrate our online file converter with their apps or web pages with a direct access to our conversion services.

4- Manage your Account.

Register users will have the ability to access account dashboard that contains:

  • Profile details: where you can change your name, email, and country.

  • Subscription details: Which include the details of your plan and API code.

  • Conversion history: You will have access to your previous conversions ( please note that the files will remain in the system for 3 days only).

           From this tab, you can also download your converted files again.

  • Upgrade your account: Upgrade your account to other plans.

As you see, having a free account with us is better than you think! To register please visit our registration page!

Happy conversion Day!

How to Convert MOV to MP4 online

You might be wondering why should you convert MOV to MP4?

They are both video formats, They both work fine and produce high-quality videos. So why should you bother to convert?

The difference is MOV applications and players are quite limited, for example, you can’t play MOV movies on your phone. On the other hand, MP4 is a more common tool to play and record videos, it is just more useful.

For this specific reason, Filezigzag offers you an online converter to help you get your video/movie on the go.

The “ How to ” question is very simple with Filezigzag, All you got to do is follow our 4 simple steps.

1st step:

Select your file that you want to convert. Make sure your file has a MOV extension.

2nd: After selecting your file, choose the format type you want to convert to ( in our case MP4).

3rd: Enter your email address.

4th: convert!

It will take a few minutes to convert your file.

You will receive an email with your converted file OR you can download it in a direct link.

Here in Filezigzag, we offer you unlimited converting options, choose your file and convert it with us!! 

How to Convert MP4 to MP3 online

Have you ever heard that amazing soundtrack on a video and you wanted to play on your phone but you never knew how? Now Filezigzag offers you the best solution to get that soundtrack on your phone or computer, etc.

In case you are wondering what’s the difference between MP4 and MP3?

MP4 files extension is one of the most popular tools to save a movie or a video. On the other hand, MP3 is the king of Audio, MP3 file extension are used to save all kind of audio content.

How to convert to Filezigzag?

Filezigzag is an online converter that is designed for you, it is easy and it just requires a few minutes.

2nd step:

After selecting your file, choose the format type you want to convert ( in our case MP3).


3rd step:

Enter your email address.

4th step: convert!

It will take a few minutes to convert your file.

You will receive an email with your converted file OR you can download it in a direct link.

Filezigzag converts your file in just one click away! Convert your files NOW with us! 

How to cut large video online and convert the scene to animated GIF?

We always see these amazing GIF's whether on our Facebook messenger or in the comment sections. We even see them on some websites. GIF allows us to express our feeling easily or in a funny way. GIF can also be very helpful; explaining some steps or telling you what to do. 

Overall having an animated image made our life easier. So what can you do to create your own special GIF?

Filezigzag offers you an easy way to obtain your wanted GIF from a video file. 

Let's assume you saw an interesting cat/ dog video! and you figured this will be a cool GIF file! How can you convert it?

- Decide the Video you want to cut and convert, choose your wanted scene.  

It doesn't matter which format the movie is in ( MOV, MP4, AVI) as long as it is not really long. 

- Open Filezigzag and click on Advanced converter tap.

The Advanced converter gives you the ability to have more control on your file i.e cut, etc.  

- Select the video you want to convert.

- Select the type/ format of the output video.

- In the setting section, scroll to cut video felid and fill the start and end scene time (Note that this step is required because the original video file was too long and we need to cut it).

- Enter a valid email address. 

- click on convert.

- You can download your converted file by a direct link. However, we still need to convert our cut video to GIF. 

- On the same screen, you can convert your converted video to GIF!