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Why Should you register with Filezigzag

Filezigzag is an online converter that allows you to convert your files easily and for free! However, there are a number of advantages for registering with us and it can also be for free!!

Having a free account with us at Filezigzag will help your conversion life to be easier! As a free register you will have the following advantages:

1- Increase file size

Filezigzag will increase your file size up to 180 MB for free! All you got to do is register and you just have an extra 80 MB.

2- Higher Priority.

As a free register you will have more priority over unregistered users especially when the server busy or when you have a larger file size.

3- API

Having an API access will allow developers integrate our online file converter with their apps or webpages with a direct access to our conversion services.

4- Manage your Account.

Free register users will have the ability to access account dashboard meaning more control over your account.

Your account Dashboard will contain:

  • Profile details: where you can change your name, email and country.

  • Subscription details: In which you will find the details of your plan and API code.

  • Conversion history: As a register user, you will have access to your previous conversion ( please note that the files will remain in the system for 3 days only).

           From this tab you can also download your converted files again with no problems.

  • Upgrade your account: in this tab you will have the ability to upgrade your account easily and with one click.

As you see, having an a free account with us is better than you think! To register please visit our registration page!

Happy conversion Day!