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How to Convert MOV to MP4 online

You might be wondering why should you convert MOV to MP4?

They are both video formats, They both work fine and produce high-quality videos. So why should you bother to convert?

The difference is MOV applications and players are quite limited, for example, you can’t play MOV movies on your phone. On the other hand, MP4 is a more common tool to play and record videos, it is just more useful.

For this specific reason, Filezigzag offers you an online converter to help you get your video/movie on the go.

The “ How to ” question is very simple with Filezigzag, All you got to do is follow our 4 simple steps.

1st step:

Select your file that you want to convert. Make sure your file has a MOV extension.

2nd: After selecting your file, choose the format type you want to convert to ( in our case MP4).

3rd: Enter your email address.

4th: convert!

It will take a few minutes to convert your file.

You will receive an email with your converted file OR you can download it in a direct link.

Here in Filezigzag, we offer you unlimited converting options, choose your file and convert it with us!!