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Reasons on why you should start using GIF

We always search for that specific emoji to express our feeling yet can never find it, GIF provides us with a powerful short video expressing so GIF is a form of expression!!

GIF became the new trend that companies use to answer to comments or even launching a new product! One of the famous examples is Samsung releasing their new product (Galaxy Tab) with a simple GIF.

GIF is not only a way to express but it is also a way to interact with potential customers or readers.

If the above reasons were not enough to convince you then here are 5 reasons why you should start using GIF right NOW:

  • GIF’s ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • GIF’s have its own sense of humor and there is nothing wrong with bringing a smile to people face.

  • They Attract followers to engage with you.

  • People prefer pictures but they prefer GIF’s more.

  • GIF’s can include an explanation of a certain matter.

So how can you make your own signature GIF?

The answer is Filezigzag.

With our website, you can simply choose any video you like, whether it is an instruction, a product release or just any funny video and convert it with our website. You even can cut long videos and choose your wanted scene to convert.

You can check How to cut large video online and convert the scene to animated GIF? for more details about the conversation. Filezigzag gives you the ability to create any kind of GIF you want for free!

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