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Send Large Files through Filezigzag

In case you are wondering, Filezigzag has a lot of important features that you can use other than conversion. Filezigzag is more than just an online conversion tool.

Besides having the ability to edit and adjust videos (Read more from this link), Filezigzag can help you with managing large files!

How many times you used your email to send a large file but never succeeded? Having the ability and freedom to send large files is highly important in business, universities and even in your daily life.

Filezigzag offers you the benefit of sending big files to your colleagues by just a simple step. In Filezigzag we try our best to provide you with essential tools to help you convert different files easily.

In the menu bar click on ' Send Large Files ' tab, a new screen will appear, this screen will provide you with 4 simple steps that are needed to send a large file.

Step one: Choose your file; File size will depend on your registered plan; to know more about the benefit of being a registered user please follow the link.

Unregistered user: 100 MB

Registered user: 180 MB.

24 H: 2 GB

Basic Plan: 500 MB

Professional Plan: 1 GB

Premium Plan: 2 GB

Step Two: Enter your recipient email, make sure it is the right one.

Step Three: Enter your email; you can add both a title and a message to your recipient email. And finally SEND!

After sending your file, Filezigzag will show you another screen in which you can convert or download the file. You can also delete it from our service!

It is a simple, easy and affordable way to send large files with Filezigzag.