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Extract image sequence From a Video File

Have you wondered can you ever convert a video file to images? It is an important question especially if you want a specific scene or perhaps if you want to produce a creative Gif. With Filezigzag you can convert video to images, you can create that Gif or even save a single picture and the bonus point; you don’t need to install software or pay money!

We offer an online free conversion tool that will help to handle your video. For us, there is nothing we can’t do! We have multiple features that will help you extract, cut or modify your videos.

So what can you do to extract multiple images from your video? Simple answer “Advanced Converter”. Our Advanced converter is a Filezigzag tool that was created to grant you more control over your files.

Follow the steps below to convert your video to image sequence: 

Note: You need to know where is the exact clip in the video timeline, this will help you to identify where to cut the video.

#1 Head to “ Advanced Converter” and upload your file from one of the options provided.

#2 Choose the target output format to be MP4. 

#3 In the “cut video” field choose a start and an end time that include the specific scene, make sure the start and end time is only 5 seconds difference.

Enter the time in the following manner:

Hours: Minutes: Seconds = 01:20:04

After converting the file, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “ convert converted file”.

#5 Choose Gif or JPG format to depend on your need and start converting.

Our converter will convert your video to an image sequence and save it in a Zip file. You can easily convert your video to an image sequence with Filezigzag!! Have fun converting with us!

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